Lyo Summit 2012

TEMPRIS Temperature Sensor in Vial


  • iQ-mobil organizes an annual LYO SUMMIT to establish a TEMPRIS® network and community and to provide a platform for exchanging ideas and discussing issues around TEMPRIS® and TEMPRIS® applications.
  • TEMPRIS® is a PAT-Tool for wireless product temperature measurement in lyophilization.
  • TEMPRIS® opens a new area of understanding lyophilization processes as it allows for the product temperature (TP) to be precisely measured.
  • TEMPRIS® is used to develop and optimize scientifically justified, reliable and robust Lyophilization processes.
  • At the LYO SUMMIT, TEMPRIS® and its applications in lyophilization (lyo-cycle development, hot and cold spot detection, lyophilization process qualification and optimization) and other pharmaceutical processes will be discussed.

LYO SUMMIT Program at a Glance - Agenda 2012

  • The LYO SUMMIT will begin with a short introduction and overview of the TEMPRIS® system and its operating principle to provide a common background for the subsequent presentations.
  • This will be followed by presentations of TEMPRIS® users regarding the application of TEMPRIS® during lyo-cycle development (lab-scale), transfer of lyo-processes as well as the use of TEMPRIS® for product optimization including PAT / QbD aspects and return on investment and cost saving calculations.
  • Question and Answer and Troubleshooting sessions are scheduled to discuss specific issues with experts and to allow for ideas to be exchanged.

LYO SUMMIT Target Audience

  • TEMPRIS® users and Lyophilization professionals involved in lyo-cycle development and lyo-production and other specialists interested in TEMPRIS® and its applications.

Agenda 2012