Lyo Summit

Tempris Temperature Sensor in VialPharmaceutical Lyophilization and Freeze-Drying

Bavaria, Germany

The Lyo Summit organisers are pleased to announce that the third Lyo Summit will take place (on the new dates to be announced) in Upper Bavaria.

The Lyo Summit conference provides a platform to facilitate dialogue among the various bodies, companies and individuals committed to exploring advancements and innovations in Lyophilization. Meet industry experts and suppliers and share the latest thinking. Learn from relevant case studies. The knowledge gained will support you in your daily work.

The focus of this year's presentations and case studies will be on the following topics:

  • Importance of product temperature Tp and how to best measure Tp across all scales of freeze-drying 
  • Application of PAT in lyo-cycle development, scale-up & transfer and lyo-cycle optimization
  • Importance of a PAT tool for the commercial production of small and large volume parenterals
  • Emerging freeze-drying technologies such as controlled nucleation and nested freeze-drying
  • Implementation of modern process validation for regulatory submission

A special highlight of the Lyo Summit is the opportunity to tour Recipharm Wasserburg - a well-known contract manufacturing organization providing lyophilization services to the pharmaceutical industry.

Further details will be published on this web site, and we will keep you updated and informed by e-mail.

If you have any queries we will be happy to address them so please contact us at:

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  • Phone: +49-8024 47477 0

We look forward to welcoming you then

Your Lyo Summit Organizing Committee